5 Awesome Things About Students – Number 9 Will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!


Teaching is awesome, and some of the best parts of teaching come from the interactions with students.

Here are five awesome things about working with students that people who don’t teach won’t understand.

  1. Students are inspiring: Some of my best ideas have been a direct result of questions my students have asked or suggestions they have made.
  2. Students are perceptive: If I was having a particularly good day or a bad day, they knew…and they would let me know.
  3. Students have a finely tuned B.S. detector: Don’t ever try to lie to your students. They see right through you and will call your bluff.
  4. Students appreciate when teachers admit when they are wrong: If you mess up, fess up. A student thanked me in tears once after I apologized to her. I don’t even remember what the situation was, but it was rather insignificant. I admitted I was wrong and she was right, and she teared up and told me I was the first teacher to ever admit a mistake and apologize to her.
  5. I couldn’t think of 5, but apparently I’m supposed to have an odd number in my list.

According to the internet, numbered lists get people to click on your blog posts. This has been an experiment in numbered lists.

I hope you enjoyed the click-bait.